Brier Pool Update (Top 4 picks!)

Position Entry Pts
1st Mike Boulanger 70
1st Pierrette Cliché 70
1st Ashton Fawcett 70
4th Tom Bartlett 68
4th Logan Fawcett 68
4th Ruby Fawcett 68
7th Tanya Belanger 67
7th Monique Duchesne 67
9th Jean-Marc Belanger 66
9th Lyse Cote 66
9th Mark Duchesne 66
12th Darryl Drumm 65
12th Terri Fawcett 65
14th Joelle Boulanger 64
14th Bryan Williams 64
14th Ken Fawcett 64
14th Chummy 64
14th Pauline Sloan 64
14th Art Trudel 64
14th Donna Dumond 64
21st Roly Ribout 63
21st Dave Fawcett 63
23rd Rheal Boulanger 61
24th Denis Boulanger 60
24th Gil Meyers 60
26th Mark Wilkins 59
27th Gary Lacelle 58
28th Gilles Turenne 52
29th Brenda Cote 50

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