Graphic Design and Imaging

On my way to becoming certified in Web Design, I navigated my way through a variety of topics and training.

Digital Graphic Design was one component of the course that I found extremely stimulating as well as being essential in the creation of visually appealing websites.

Graphic Design is a vehicle used to express your message visually. Given this description, it is not difficult to comprehend it’s importance in web design.

Although the knowledge I acquired during my studies was primarily intended for web design, I still gained proficiency in the understanding of various applications and the methods used to achieve very pleasing results with a number of imaging projects.

The material covered in the course combined with some practical application has helped develop my competency to produce some very creative and interesting results.

From blending multiple images together to adding attractive and informative text, I can enhance your images to help make your cherished recollections even more meaningful.






For website owners let me create a custom banner or banners for you.


Graphically designed banners will augment your site’s authenticity.

This translates into visitors to your site spending more time exploring your information, which in turn can lead to establishing valuable relationships.