Welcome to lojesa.com!

I guess the first thing to address here is, what, and who is lojesa.com?

My name is David Fawcett and I’m from a small community in North Eastern Ontario Canada. I have pretty well spent my whole life here where the historic Ottawa and Mattawa rivers meet.

lojesa.com is a compilation of projects that I enjoy doing from home. These side-lines offer me a diversion from the everyday pressures. In some cases, I am fortunate enough to gain supplementary income from my interests.

Along with promoting my blog sites, I would also like to use this location to market my related ability to create web sites which includes creating blog sites for clients as well.

I do not possess an advanced degree in web design or web development but having completed a basic web design certification program coupled with practical applications I believe I have sufficient proficiency to apply my knowledge to complete fundamental web site projects as well blog projects that I am able to create and administrate on social media as well.

I am available to take on outside projects including blogs which help keep your clients or visitors in tune with your products or services. Regularly renewing your content offers your followers fresh content and continued access to your enterprise. 

Something that has been hidden in my subconscious most of my life has been how much I enjoy to express myself in writing.

I do not consider myself to be a professional writer but I do believe I have sufficient ability to decipher and offer interesting and informative interpretations of knowledge that I’ve both, experienced and researched to provide a stimulating reading experience on various topics.

This self-professed ability combined with a basic certification in web page design and implementation has instilled enough confidence in me to take up “Blogging” about some of my passions.


Near North Outdoors It is said to put together a successful blog you have to choose a niche that you’re passionate about. In my case, it’s pretty easy, the outdoors and my favorite outdoor pass-times, namely hunting and fishing. Although most of the time I get to spend in the outdoors is taking part in one of these activities just being in the beauty and serenity that nature offers is enough sometimes to transform me to a place where my everyday worries and stresses disappear, if only for a while.

I often find myself wishing I could be sitting in my old 16′ Starcraft with the calming purr of my little 2 hp trolling along one of my favorite shorelines anticipating the slight tug of a wary walleye.

Hopefully, this blog will help me fill the void that has been created responsible for these special times not being as prevalent as they once were.

As well as drifting off into my “Happy Place” like this I’m also going to continue to research the various species of freshwater fish as well as various hunting topics and share my findings.

As I progress with this blog I will be introducing new features which will be added periodically over time.

Possible added upcoming features include;

  • individual species sections with tips and tricks
  • various photo albums
  • recipe section 
  • videos
  • destination ideas
  • product reviews
  • and conceivably even contests

Hopefully, this blog will generate enough interest to build a following who not only will frequent this site but will also share their input on various topics discussed.

Hope you enjoy this endeavor and help me make it as interesting as the great outdoors is!

Community Connections Mattawa  Hi, for those of you that don’t know me my name is Dave Fawcett and I’ve been a resident of Mattawa pretty well all my life.

I am currently learning to “Blog” and hope to have a couple of niche blogs up and running in the near future.

After receiving my certification in Web Page Design from Loyalist College I designed a few sites but decided to focus on personal business.

I created Community Connections to experiment with different methods and techniques.

Since this pages’ inception, I have only used it to post sports pools results which I will continue but would also like to make this online location an interesting and informative hub for our little community.

It is not my intention to offer a lot of personal posts but rather put together a list of communal resources and information.

This is an ongoing project so I will continue to develop and enhance it to hopefully produce an online favorite for you.

Lojesa Online Promotions

Lojesa Products & Services Available include;

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For questions concerning any of my products or services please fill out the contact form with a short description of your query.

Hi, my name is David Fawcett and I am from a small community in northern Ontario, Canada. I have spent a significant amount of time over the years developing my knowledge in online communications and promotions.

My knowledge base is made up of both educational and practical application which includes a general to advanced ability in many fields including;

  • web design
  • digital graphic design
  • word processing
  • spreadsheets
  • writing
  • content writing
  • blog writing
  • copy-writing
  • creative writing

Lojesa Online Promotions is an online portfolio of products and services I can offer individually or as an independent contractor for your business requirements.

The links above will bring you to a more detailed description of the products and services available.

If your looking for a convenient and efficient option for completing everyday business tasks and requirements consider outsourcing these projects while you remain focused on the more important aspects of your enterprise.

Freelancing is quickly becoming the norm in today’s business society so jump on board an reap the rewards of this new and developing trend!

I look forward to new challenges and providing quality results.

Strike Zone Index Banner 300pxStrike Zone Custom Tackle has been around now for over 20 years. This home-based business started out as a personal hobby which I researched for the economic benefits of building my own fishing tackle.

With this came experimentation with colours, sizes for various conditions and other modifications that made my presentations even more appealing to various freshwater species.

As success rates with my creations grew so did their popularity, thus came the birth of Strike Zone Custom Tackle.

Today I continue to offer my line of tackle to individual fisherman and women in bulk quantities as well as “Dealer Discounts”.

I mainly deal with my ever popular harnesses but continue to offer custom tackle to those who request it.

I invite you to give my creations a try and reap the rewards!

An awesome “Fish Fry”